When a loved one passes away it confronts you with a lot of unanswered questions that you wish you could have the answers to. Going through their belongings and going through the cherished photo albums you forgot until now. This is what happened to me after my dad passed away. The unending questions that I could only assume from stories, pictures, and my vague memories. Having been fostered from a very young age meant I was separated from not just my birth parents, but also meant I struggled a lot with who I was/am? and where I belong. 

Afeme m) (the road to home) is a project that looks at the loss of my dad, and his absence in things and places that I don’t know or have familiarity with. As I travel to Ghana and take the journey to my dad’s village I go on the search to find out more about him which would lead me to find more out about myself. I recreate new memories as if he were still with me, creating conversation that will lead me to have a better understanding of home.

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