As a creative being able to communicate a narrative and convey a message is the very foundation of my work, no matter the occasion. Pictures preserve indescribable moments, capture love, document life and enable me to visually tell unique stories. Truth is, storytelling and imagery is the fundamental backbone to humanity, by documenting something that will fade will enable you to have forever. Throughout our lives, we create memories and experience unforgettable moments, but often, we only live in the moment, forgetting to capture different days in our lives so we can relive them again in the future, or even give a platform for our own life experiences. Capturing life and the times we share with people can take many forms, and I choose photography.

As a Black woman, it is especially important to me to capture people who look like me, within my community, authentically and creatively. Exploring issues that pertain to the Black community and our identity and culture. That is enough reason to show up every day and help someone else tell their story.

So let us not gamble with capturing our experiences or reliving all our cherished moments from memory. How about we capture it in a photograph?

My name is Gifty Dzenyo, and it would be a pleasure to be a part of capturing your special moment and archiving your life. 

Gifty Dzenyo


Augustine & Melissa

“Gifty photographed our end of medical school party and we’re so happy she was able to work with us. This is our first event we’ve ever hosted as a couple so we really appreciated her support and experience in events. She was so friendly and our video call beforehand really put us at ease.

On the night, her understanding the whole dynamics of families and helping us navigate getting pictures with everyone. Ultimately, her photography really highlighted her talent.”

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