I was presented with the opportunity to feature in UK Black Female Photographers exhibition in 2020 entitled "We are Here", a response to various current issues. By commissioners saying "we do not know any Black creatives" and to the visibility of Black woman photographers in the UK, to the issue of privilege and racism within the industry and to amplify the voices, and talent of Black women photographers in the UK.

My work

The response to 'We are Here' in this piece work was specifically to address the issue of colourism, and dark skinned women being present and visible in day to day life. This set of images explores the attributes of a Black woman, and the beauty of her features and skin. My inspiration was taken from the Black women around me, who are successful, radiant, consistent, delicate and integral. Black women deserve a seat at the table, Black women deserve

respect, and Black women ought to love every inch of themselves and be accepted just as they are. The body of work is to inspire every Black woman to love their skin, their features and themselves completely. We are here is to show the word are present, we do not just 'exist' but we thrive.

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