Every shade is a shade thats worthy

Black is Beautiful



When we say ‘black’ we think of a colour, perhaps even the darkest shade. Being black has a negative connotation attached to it from society.

There are a range and shade of black, all being beautiful, all being worthy of respect, love and greatness.

Being a black woman myself it has always been a fight to attain what should naturally be mine; to be apart of a community, to ‘fit in’, to be seen as human and beautiful.



Melanin de noir is a project that shows black women in all their beauty, being comfortable in their own skin, and loving being black.

This isn’t only important for ourselves, but for the young girls who grow up feeling inadequate, ugly, and ‘different’. This project is to show more than just colour, but humans, women, strength and role models. Showing that even when rejected for society we can support, uplift and love one another.

The black skin is not a badge of shame but rather a glorious symbol of national greatness.” – Marcus Garvey

You are who you are. You’re black. The sooner we realise who we are and the beauty of our colour and culture, the sooner we can know our worth and accept our features.

Being black come with more just skin tone, it comes with challenges and mountains, from feeling outcasted, objectified, unappreciated and un/misrepresented.

Everyone looks completely different in each picture, everyone most probably wears different shade in foundation, but the point is that each of these ladies are beautiful, their skin is beautiful, their shade, their hair, heir features are beautiful.

When we stand together, as one, as a black people, recognising we are all different but to an extent sharing the same struggles, we are then able to uplift, encourage and protect one another. Not every road is a road to go alone. When we unite, there’s nothing we can’t do, no boundary that can’t be broken.

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